Avaya India’s Vishal Agrawal on IT trends for 2017

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With India increasingly growing as a digital economy, the ICT industry had a remarkable and an interesting 2016 with emerging technologies taking the center-stage, says Avaya India managing director Vishal Agrawal.

More and more businesses in India are undertaking digital transformation, thinking beyond productivity only, and doing what the consumer will value. This shift in mindset has led the industry witness increased investment in digitized solutions to propel opportunities for future growth. It continues to evolve over the year, enabling transformation and agility and partnering for digital initiatives.

In recent years, the government introduced a lot of digital initiatives to transform India, which has further given an impetus to the ICT industry to accelerate the transition into a digitized economy. For instance, demonetization has been a massive step taken by the government this year to transform India into a cashless economy, this is where enterprises need to step in and play their part by supporting the backend infrastructure to speed up the efficiency of new processes.

The penetration of internet and new technologies has lessened the gaps in this world, which is one big village by enabling individuals to communicate easily and quickly. Today, consumers are more connected and empowered and their experience has been the biggest precedence for this industry and the shift has been majorly towards customizing technology to ensure customer satisfaction.

We see 2017 as an important year, as digitization will move to another level and emerging technologies like Cloud, IoT, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence will become more main stream. The technology wave will turn out to be a disruptor across all industry verticals, like IT, Government, Healthcare, Banking, education, Hospitality etc.

Major concentration of the businesses will be focused on engaging customers this year, which will drive every major business decision for industries. Emerging technologies will bring in newer expectations and benchmarks in a diverse technology-driven landscape, it will be important for enterprises to harness the power of these technologies to push the boundaries of digital offerings to retain customers.

At the same time, it will be imperative that your employees are moving alongside you in this transformational journey for it to be a success. As we are moving into a digital era, it will become increasingly important that ‘need to transform’ has a buy-in at all levels and this is what we are committed at doing in Avaya, democratization for digital transformation.

We believe in open platforms, an ecosystem to drive innovation, and taking a customer-driven approach, where our customers are able to move at their own pace and path on their digital transformation journeys. In short, the future growth of ICT industry will largely depend on companies driving digital strategies to innovate and transform their operations and further democratization of digital transformation”

By Avaya India managing director Vishal Agrawal

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