Australia’s Macquarie Telecom deploys MapR data platform

Australia’s Macquarie Telecom has deployed the MapR data platform to secure the nation’s official communications, MapR Technologies said Tuesday.

“With the growing complexity of the digital threat landscape and the development of SaaS and cloud services, Macquarie Telecom must secure and analyze an exponentially growing amount of data, as well as predict increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks,” said Aidan Tudehope, managing director of Macquarie Hosting Group at Macquarie Telecom.

Tudehope also noted that big data analytics in a hybrid cloud services model is the next big thing in complex security environments such as those of governments.

Macquarie Telecom’s Government Division today secures telecommunications for 42 percent of government agencies in Australia.

The company provides government employees with a secure Internet gateway, so they can safely access external public websites, downloads, and email services.

According to the Macquarie Telecom, MapR helped it to improve Macquarie’s reports’ performance, timeliness, accuracy and security – reports that used to take 14 days are now taking only 2 hours.

Arya MM

[email protected]