Audi selects Cisco Webex as the collaboration app in vehicles

Cisco and Audi have announced their partnership to enhance mobile car collaboration experiences for hybrid workers.
Audi technology investment

Webex, in conjunction with Volkswagen Group’s software company CARIAD and Samsung subsidiary HARMAN, will be the first app for hybrid work available in select Audi models starting from the 2024 model year, Cisco said.

Webex will be integrated as the first collaboration app in Audi vehicles, providing Meetings capabilities for seamless collaboration while on the move. To ensure safety, participants can easily join and engage in meetings, with video functionality only accessible when the vehicle is parked.

The Webex automotive application will be accessible through the in-vehicle Audi Application Store, which is developed by CARIAD and HARMAN.

This partnership is designed to support flexible hybrid work cultures by offering elevated work experiences that can be personalized to individuals’ lifestyles, facilitating work from any setting.

Key benefits for customers include:

The Webex App from the Audi vehicle’s Application Store, eliminates the need for a smartphone during setup. The Application Store guarantees that all in-vehicle applications meet the high safety standards of the Volkswagen Group. Drivers can transition from Webex meetings on their personal devices to in-car meetings.

Webex switches to audio-only mode while the vehicle is in motion, ensuring drivers can actively participate in meetings without compromising road safety. When parked, drivers can fully engage in the immersive collaboration experience of Webex, including viewing meeting participants, shared content, and closed captioning.

Drivers will benefit from Webex’s built-in AI features for superior noise removal and voice optimization. This ensures clear communication without disruptive background sounds like road noise or construction.

Starting in July 2023, the Application Store, where the Webex App can be downloaded, will be available in new Audi production models such as the Audi A4, A5, Q5, A6, A7, A8, Q8 e-tron, and e-tron GT across Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, and other overseas markets.

Cisco, with its 25,000 patents in the transportation space, collaborates with over 32,000 transportation organizations in 169 countries.

This partnership with Audi, CARIAD, and HARMAN is part of the Webex for Autos initiative, which includes Webex Meetings for Apple CarPlay and collaborations with other automotive manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company and Mercedes-Benz.

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