AT&T wins SD-WAN deal from Danieli

AT&T has won a tech deal from Danieli, a supplier of equipment and manufacturing plants to the metal industry, to supply networking services including SD-WAN and AT&T FlexWare.
AT&T for CIOsDanieli, which has global sites across Asia, Europe and the US, and headquarters in Italy, aims to move from a multi-supplier and partially managed network to a managed global network with edge-to-edge capabilities.

“We are excited about AT&T’s flexible and innovative software-defined global network services,” Alexander Stewart, executive vice president — ICT, Danieli, said.

AT&T said it will deliver global network to Danieli’s 10,000 plus employees across 39 countries.

AT&T is deploying SD-WAN, which helps businesses make the best use of their WAN connections, in more than 28,000 locations around the world.

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