AT&T inks deal with Shell for managed communications

AT&T for CIOsUS-based telecom operator AT&T today announced its deal with Shell for managed communications and network integration services globally.

The agreement aligns with Shell’s efforts to transform its IT operations by adopting more market standard services and fosters the current relationship between the two companies for 5 ½ more years.

AT&T will provide strategic services like network management and integration, voice and data services, security, video and collaboration, and innovative solutions that will drive cost efficiencies whilst enabling a more agile, future-ready IT landscape.

AT&T will achieve this by delivering network capabilities and network integration services across multiple vendors that are designed to support virtualized services, cloud strategy and hybrid network solutions.

Shell employees will be able to depend on a reliable network wherever they may access it. And they will be able to connect to one another — via instant messaging, voice, web and video conferencing, and application sharing.

“Shell needs global integrated network solutions accessible from just about every corner of the planet. We can offer that. And it’s a task we take seriously,” said Frank Jules, president Global Business at AT&T.

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