Airtel launches cybersecurity solutions for business customers

Bharti Airtel has launched Airtel Secure, advanced cybersecurity solutions, for business customers in India.
Airtel India cybersecurity solutions
As part of Airtel Secure, the company also launched its Security Intelligence Centre in the National Capital Region. This facility will offer its tracking services to businesses of all sizes — from large enterprises to small and medium businesses — on a 24/7 basis.

Gopal Vittal, MD and CEO (India and South Asia), Bharti Airtel, said: “Airtel Secure will provide our customers peace of mind, enable faster response times to potential threats, and help protect their data so as to reduce business risk.”

The company said that from endpoint protection, email protection to Cloud DDOS protection among others, Airtel Secure has created the most comprehensive portfolio through strategic partnerships with global leaders such as Cisco, Radware, VMWare, and Forcepoint.

On Wednesday, Airtel and Cisco announced that they will jointly bring to market a range of security solutions that secure networks, endpoints, applications, and Cloud.

The partnership with Cisco will enable Airtel to have access to monitoring, analysis, and investigation of malicious code and be able to protect people and information in an automated manner.

Airtel also signed a partnership with Radware. Through this partnership, the first global data scrubbing centre in India has been set up to ensure threats to data and information are attacked and eliminated at source in the country. This facility is hosted by Airtel’s Nxtra Data in Chennai.

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