Air India to deploy safety data software application Coruson

Air India has decided to use Coruson, a cloud software application, to enhance safety management, including real time intelligence, reporting and status of in-flight incidents.
Air India and IT investment
The safety data software application, which will be online from May 1, will weed out the requirement of paperwork to a large extent and ensure automated processes relay critical information to key personnel and authorities without delay. This will also lead to timely action, the airline said in a statement.

Air India is separately engaged in procuring iPads for pilots and crew members and when introduced, and Coruson will also be available on these devices as well.

Ideagen software covers all aspects of risk, giving the airline visibility of safety data from maintenance of the aircraft through to cabin crew checks on board.

It will provide Air India visibility across the airline’s entire organization, allowing it to access the latest data and use this to spot and mitigate potential risks, thereby enhancing safety of operations.

Ideagen’s customer base of more than 11,400 includes more than 250 airlines and all the top aerospace and defence companies including British Airways, Emirates, Boeing, Airbus, BAE and the US Navy.

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