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Aerohive reveals price and features of 802.11ax access points

Aerohive Networks for CIOsAerohive Networks announced the price and features of the industry’s first 802.11ax access points – targeting to deliver three new models in mid-2018.

The new 802.11ax Wi-Fi access points – AP630, AP650, and AP650X – are 802.11ax-capable as well as compatible with existing Wi-Fi devices.

Aerohive Networks said that the price of AP630 will be $1,199, while AP650 and AP650X will be offered at a retail price of $1,399.

The company has revealed that the 802.11ax, compared to previous generations, will be better balanced with nearly equivalent upload and download performance. Aerohive did not reveal specific details on improvement in performance of the device.

Aerohive Networks said that 802.11ax will handle client density efficiently through a new channel sharing capability. 802.11ax will improve battery life using wake-time scheduling that enables access points to tell clients when to go to sleep to preserve energy.

The networking company said 802.11ax efficiency improvements will deliver at least 4x more throughput than 802.11ac.

Aerohive will launch the 802.11ax access points with a new compact industrial design, enabling them to blend in with any decor, and will be ceiling-mounted using a push-and-twist, easy on/off, multi-ceiling-rail-compatible bracket.

The company said initial installation using the new bracket takes less than one minute and removal can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

The Aerohive 802.11ax AP650 and 650X will both be equipped with Aerohive’s unique software-defined, dual-5 GHz radios along with 802.3bz backhaul connectivity.

The AP650X will come with an extended temperature range and external antennas for hard-to-reach and industrial-usage situations.

The company said all the three 802.11ax access points will have integrated BLE and USB connectivity for enhanced location-driven services and the ability to provide additional wireless access options for IoT and other devices.

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