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AdvancedMD deploys 8×8 XCaaS to better client and employee experience

AdvancedMD, a provider of medical office software, has deployed 8×8 XCaaS to provide better client and employee experience through improved call quality, collaboration, and security capabilities.
8x8 contact centerPreviously, AdvancedMD used another vendor’s communications solutions that did not integrate well and lacked the security requirements to handle health-related data. Further, their on-premises phone system vendor was stopping software support which increased the potential for outages and security issues.

AdvancedMD’s deployment of 8×8 XCaaS (eXperience Communications as a Service) solution includes voice, team chat, video meetings, and CPaaS embeddable APIs capabilities.

The deployment of 8×8 solutions supported employees and clients of AdvancedMD to benefit from call quality, reliability, and increased efficiency and collaboration due to 8×8’s unified communications and contact center solution.

8×8’s platform allows for information sharing, anywhere in the organization, including analytics, customer and business insights, and robust reporting.

“8×8 has allowed us to shift the way we work, improving not only the customer and patient experience, but the employee experience as well,” said Kate Boyle, Manager of Corporate IT at AdvancedMD. “Because every aspect is provided by the same vendor, everything works together the way it’s supposed to, improving our team’s efficiency, productivity, and overall collaboration.”

“With 8×8, AdvancedMD enjoys the ease and accessibility of a single-vendor platform to improve collaboration and communication, all with crystal clear call quality,” said Hunter Middleton, Chief Product Officer at 8×8, Inc.

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