6 technology trends that can change your senior years

Ageing is a challenge that we’ll all have to face. Suddenly struggling with tasks that were once second nature can be difficult to come to terms with, and it’s even harder to actually figure out how to navigate day-to-day life with new struggles and issues.
Aruba Mobile First Network for Lorien Health ServicesFortunately, living in the modern world means that we have access to amazing new technology. There are loads of devices on the market today that have revolutionised comfortable living for seniors. Here are some of the tech trends you might look into.

MedicalAlert Systems

In terms of physical safety and peace of mind for you and those who love you, life alert systems are a game-changer. This tech usually takes its form in wearable devices that connect to a home base in your living space.

In the case of any falls or other health emergencies, a button can be pressed to send out emergency signals to health practitioners or caregivers, to send out immediate assistance when you need it.

Certain devices also have additional features, such as ‘find my loved one’ trackers, connection to smart home systems, and on-the-go connectivity for extra security when you’re out and about.

Smart Home Devices

Investing in a smart home system seems like a very millennial thing to do, but keep in mind how much easier this technology can make our lives. The comfort and ease of use that these systems provide make them a perfect addition to the home of a senior.

With a smart home system installed, devices like automated vacuum cleaners, lighting and heating can be installed into your home, making daily tasks far easier and even automated so you won’t have to think about them.

Streaming Services

It might not be a serious problem, but the challenge of entertainment is tough to deal with when you’re spending most of your day in your home. Often, seniors become incapable of driving and moving themselves around town to keep themselves busy, leaving them feeling trapped and bored in their homes all day. This can feel even worse if you’re living on your own.

Streaming services have revolutionised entertainment, providing hours of endless content for a very small price. While spending all day every day watching Netflix certainly isn’t recommended for older people (or anyone else for that matter), it is still a good way to fill up some of the empty hours of the day.

Security Systems

Our personal safety is something we all need to be concerned about in modern times and is particularly important to those of us who are more vulnerable. Security systems these days are becoming more and more advanced and allowing us to feel more at ease in our homes by keeping us connected to emergency services.

Investing in a great security system, with cameras, alarms, motion detectors and other useful features can help to ensure that seniors are safe from harm and that their homes and belongings are also protected when they’re away.

Smart security systems can even connect to your smart home, which makes controlling your security from an app a breeze too.

Grocery Delivery Systems

Not being able to get around by yourself can be frustrating and really impact your independence. Not being able to pop out to the grocery store to pick up a fresh loaf of bread or a treat for when you’re craving something sweet can actually have a major impact on someone’s overall quality of life.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the major supermarkets (and other companies) have created apps that allow you to order food or groceries to be delivered right to your door in a matter of minutes. This is a real game-changer, allowing anyone to have what they need brought safely to them without any hassle.

Video Chat

While Zoom calls have played a major role in business over the past two years, they’ve also been a massive help for families all over the world.

Growing too old to travel, or even regularly visit family and friends is a lonely aspect of ageing. While face-to-face contact can’t truly be replaced, the ability to see your loved one’s faces and have a conversation whenever you need to is a huge help for anyone’s mental health.

Staying in contact with family near and far is something that’s usually a top priority for older generations, and video chat software alongside other forms of messaging and social media have all made this a possibility for so many.

Baburajan K