4 great trends in golf technology

Golf is an ever-changing sport where the technology used with it evolves. Trends do come and go with golf. Some are mere fads and fail to gain steam, whereas others last and get refined over the years. Here are four great trends in golf technology that are worth considering.
Golf Balls Aren’t Plain Any Longer

Avoiding the classic dimpled white golf ball aesthetic common to the sport are notable brands like TaylorMade and Callaway, to name just a few. Ball designs are changing to give boring white golf balls some instant color and patterns. In some cases, it is subtle touches, whereas with other brands like Callaway, one of their branded balls is showing off a pair of blue lines around the circumference of the ball, with a thicker red line between them.

While these color additions might not add a little ‘pep in their step’ for longer drives, they should make it easier to determine which ball is yours on the fairway, or to spot your ball in the rough. Both are pluses in our book. Also, golf balls covered in urethane have been making a bit of a splash too. Best for perfecting the short game, the TaylorMade’s Tour Response ball is a standout here.

Putters with More Panache

Putters have tended to be uninteresting occupants of the golf bag. Only occasionally retrieved and put to good use, they’ve often had minimal attention paid to their design. Now that’s all changed, with various options to pick putters with greater heft and adjustability too. For instance, lesser-known brand Ping has offered their Heppler range with a more satisfying sound when connecting firmly with the golf ball on the green. Other than Ping, the Odyssey Triple Track has multiple putters in their range that may fit the bill too.

Improving Your Golf While at Home

A home golf simulator is a great option to improve your golf when you’re unable to get out for another round of 18 holes. Systems now include a backdrop display to confirm how good your shot was. They come as complete golfing practice systems that beat basic golf alignment tools and other extras. These are the real deal with the simulators having been tested by the pros to ensure their usefulness, and they help you to avoid losing your golfing touch on rainy days. Just ensure that you have a spare room for them because they do require a good amount of free space to set them up.

Irons that Forgive Small Mistakes

For players with a good handicap, their irons have always felt heavy, been a little rough around the edges, and highly audible with each swing that connects. Fearing a move away from using more irons in their game, brands like TaylorMade and Ping have been busy introducing more forgiving irons that players have been eagerly snapping up. The range of TaylorMade SIM Max irons provides a better, sturdier feel and improved distance without an unpleasant audio consequence when striking the ball. Similarly, the Ping G710 brought stylish angles and improved ball control while maintaining distance. Also, the Cobra King Speedzone shouldn’t be ignored either, as this has been popular with some golfers wanting greater spin control.

Golfers are always looking to find that edge. Certainly, the trends in golfing equipment are lending themselves more towards keeping your game strong both on and off the fairway. Spending time refining the golf equipment right down to the basics like putters and patterned golf balls has been worthwhile for golfers not able to get to the golf club lately. Don’t get left behind with old gear. Up your game.

Baburajan Kizhakedath