Avaya video conferencing aids Geneva University Hospitals

Avaya ScopiaNeonatal Intensive Care Unit of Geneva University Hospitals has implemented the Avaya Scopia video conferencing system.

Avaya said the video technology implemented at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Geneva University Hospitals enables mothers and families to watch over their premature babies.

HUG had only one pair of laptops (one for each side of the call) in the previous system and faced difficulties when new users had to familiarize with the functionalities.

Since the installation of Avaya Scopia, families could watch their babies in the Neonatal Unit in real-time.

The video technology system is a simplified, agile infrastructure, which is scalable and cost-effective. The seamless integration enables staff to focus exclusively on patient care, without having to spend their time dealing with technical issues.

The Avaya Scopia video system has led to a high level of patient satisfaction, with parents expressing their appreciation for the technology. With such wide-ranging interoperability, Avaya’s system helps to contribute to the hospital’s pioneering approach towards neonatal care.

“Mothers are able to see their baby on their preferred devices — laptops, tablets, smartphones — and access the video conference via a freely distributed client, reducing the worry and speeding up recovery,” said Yann Levy-Jamet, application advisor, Geneva University Hospitals.

Patrik Sporri, managing director of Avaya, said Avaya Scopia offers various areas of application — from face-to-face collaboration with colleagues to new concepts that really make a change in the lives of the users.