TeamViewer integrates product into MobileIron Help@Work for android


TeamViewer has integrated its flagship product into MobileIron Help@Work for android to allow users to share their iOS and android screen with a help desk agent.

The company said users can share their screens with help desk technicians and can streamline technical remote support.

By integrating TeamViewer into the helpdesk experience, help desks agents can detect the problems with screen sharing and remote control options.

This apart, help desk agents can simply access the device, detect the problem and troubleshoot.

Additionally, user will have visual overview about what the help desk agent is doing on their devices as they are very much concern about privacy and data issues.

With visual detection, problems are easily located and resolved without the user and the help desk agent wasting time and delivers faster and accurate resolutions.

In addition, help desk agents and end-users can chat and interact with each other such that end users understand the process and verbalize themselves better.

Company officials said MobileIron integrated the full version of TeamViewer via the TeamViewer API such that MobileIron can provide remote support for Android devices.

While, MobileIron Help@Work for Android including the TeamViewer integration is available now in MobileIron Core 8.0 and Mobile@Work 8.0 Client.

“Help@Work for Android can make remote mobile troubleshooting painless. By integrating TeamViewer with the Mobile@Work client, we are providing our customers with a faster, simpler and seamless help desk experience,” said Rahul Mehta, product manager, MobileIron.

“This partnership with MobileIron exemplifies the multi-faceted nature of our solution,” said Kornelius Brunner, vice president of Product Management, TeamViewer.

In June, Sky, an entertainment provider, tapped MobileIron to securely deliver media content to customers via mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

Shilpa Khatri

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