Tableau launches Tableau 9.0 to help people with data analytics


Tableau Software has released Tableau 9.0, fast visual analytics software.

The new capability offered by Tableau will help people to achieve more with data, stay creative and engaged in analytics process and answering questions at interactive speed.

Company said that people using Tableau 9.0 can easily clean messed up data as the Tableau Data Interpreter automatically clean up spreadsheets.


The new feature will allow people to spend more time on data analysis rather than data preparation.

A new Analytics Pane lets user drag reference lines, forecasts, trend lines, box plots, and other analytics right onto the view

Tableau 9.0 also help people to stay focused on answering questions without interrupting flow. With the New Level of Detail Expression anyone can answer any question.

Company officials said maps offered by Tableau 9.0 are responsive and faster and also allow for geographical search and ability to lasso irregular shapes.

The new capability offered are faster via a number of technologies that include parallel queries.

“Tableau 9.0 furthers the notion of ‘flow’ with improvements that keep people engaged with their analysis rather than having to focus on writing new calculations or cleaning up the data,” said Chris Stolte, chief development officer and co-founder of Tableau Software.

Last month, LOVOO, a social network based on location based services, deployed Tableau to analyze the quality of the data.

Tableau helped helping LOVOO in optimizing the affiliate marketing and product analysis.

In January, Kreditech Group selected Tableau Software for visual analytics to generate reports for management on marketing and business data.

Infosys and Tableau Software partnered in November last year to combine the global talent pool and client reach of Infosys with tableau’s breakthrough and analytics technology.

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