Stratasys supports Volvo Trucks to achieve 94% cut in turnaround times

Stratasys said that Volvo Trucks has cut turnaround times of assembly line manufacturing tools by more than 94 percent since incorporating Stratasys additive manufacturing technology at its engine production facility in Lyon, France.

Pierre Jenny, manufacturing director at Volvo Trucks, says the company has reduced the time taken to design and manufacture certain tools traditionally produced in metal, from 36 days to two days in thermoplastic ABSplus using its Stratasys Fortus 3D Production System.

These significant gains in time are also improving the production plant’s overall efficiency and flexibility; delivery times are upheld and the use of additive manufacturing has saved costs by reducing wastage.

Stratasys supports Volvo Trucks to achieve 94 percent cut in turnaround times

Volvo Trucks purchased its Fortus 3D Production System from Stratasys’ reseller CAD vision and within a three month period – had already 3D printed more than 30 different production tools to facilitate the way its production line operators worked.

Jean-Marc Robin, technical manager, Volvo Trucks, said: “We now have operators approaching our 3D print team with individual requests to develop a custom clamp or support tool to assist with a specific production-line issue they might be having. From a time and cost perspective, this is unimaginable with traditional techniques.”

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