Qlick polishes Thangamayil Jewellery, saves 55 % operating costs

Thangamayil Jewellery, a gold retail chain in India with 30 stores, has reduced its operating costs by 55 percent by shifting to QlikView Business Discovery platform.

In a statement Qlik said that implementing QlikView has enabled the jewellery brand explore inventory data in near real time, resulting in timely stock replenishments based on actual product sales. QlikView also allowed Thangamayil to create accurate budget forecasting in order to make better and more objective decisions for the business.

“Using the budget management dashboards in QlikView, we’ve managed to reduce our costs across all stores by 55 percent. This has been especially important in a year when trade of gold has been dropping due to government restrictions in India, and we’ve been able to transfer these savings into reduced prices for our customers,” said Yadeenthra Nathan SK, executive information officer, Thangamayil.

Working with Qlik, the IT team at Thangamayil has created multiple QlikView applications for its employees ranging from senior management and operations to inventory control as well as sales and purchasing.

Additionally, QlikView has helped Thangamayil from a human resources perspective. Employee performance analysis provides valuable insight into the employees who excel at their jobs, enabling the company to more accurately select the right person for the right role in the organization.

The jewellery group is also planning to introduce QlikView to its business users on mobile devices in the near future.

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