Panasonic at CES 2017

Panasonic ROBOT_OPEN_2

Panasonic displayed a “companion” robot with human-like movements and communication skills at at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

The robot, developed as a proof of concept,  is equipped with a Wi-Fi network function that accesses artificial intelligence-based natural language processing technology.

The robot is able to access and use cloud data, and communicate with those in other locations. Thanks to its embedded projector, the robot can be used for distance learning and other purposes. The robot is about the size of a standard kitchen countertop blender.

Panasonic has submitted patent or design registration applications in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

The robot has a cover that looks like an egg shell, which the robot can open to reveal a built-in projector. The robot also moves back and forward, and up and down.

Its features and dexterity—designed to mimic human movements–inspires people to interact with it and are made possible with Panasonic-developed servo control technology.

The robot’s child-like voice adds to the realism. Its voice and embedded projector work together to deliver natural communication that builds a sense of attachment with its human owner.

The company has displayed various Smart Mobility, Smart Entertainment and Smart Home solutions at its booth in addition to a Future Tech Lab.

Smart mobility solutions include, smart LED streetlights, bust stops, parking meters, connected vehicles, connected aircraft etc. under the smart entertainment zone, Panasonic displayed connected stadium, transparent screen for window shops, refrigerated display cases for food retailers etc.

Similarly, smart home showcases glass curtain, in/visible library, range hood with sensor and camera, domestic appliances etc.

At the event, Panasonic also formed an alliance with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts for making Panasonic Projection Imaging Systems as the “Official Projection Technology” of Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif.

As part of a long-term agreement, these Disney properties will have access to the latest in Panasonic’s market-leading projectors with advanced image processing and lens solutions.

Among other developments, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company and Qualcomm Technologies announced that they are working together to develop a next-generation Android-based in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system.

As part of the demonstration, Panasonic Automotive and Qualcomm Technologies have integrated Android 7.0 features to give drivers a unified experience across an automaker’s entire vehicle lineup, adjusting for different applications, screen sizes and resolutions.

This adaptive user interface design concept is a cost-saving feature that will allow OEMs to optimize their system engineering investments and customize the infotainment system across vehicle lineups.

Additionally, Panasonic  announced it had aligned with leading user experience software companies and automotive manufacturer, FCA, to debut  infotainment systems that transform the consumer experience, both inside and outside of the vehicle.

Panasonic Automotive also announced a collaboration with IBM to develop an eCommerce infotainment system powered with Watson.

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