NYSE halts trading due to technical issue

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) halted trading in all securities for an undisclosed technological issue from 11.32 a.m. on Wednesday.

“We’re currently experiencing a technical issue that we’re working to resolve as quickly as possible,” Marissa Arnold, an NYSE spokesperson, said in an e-mailed statement. “We will be providing further updates as soon as we can, and are doing our utmost to produce a swift resolution, communicate thoroughly and transparently, and ensure a timely and orderly market re-open,” Xinhua quoted her as saying.

However, trading of NYSE securities on other platforms including NASDAQ was unaffected.

Nasdaq said in a statement that it is “operating normally and we are able to trade tape A securities (NYSE-listed companies.”

The website of Wall Street Journal was also temporary out of use for a while around midday for technical difficulties, and was resumed shortly.

The NYSE technical issue came soon after the United Airlines grounded planes at US airports for two hours due to a computer glitch.

NYSE and US officials reported this as a technical glitch and not the result of a cyber attack. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said no law enforcement action is needed at NYSE.



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