New order emerging in healthcare industry to welcome disruptive technologies


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The life sciences companies are preparing themselves to welcome disruptive technologies, latest Accenture research results compiled in a book titled Healthcare Disrupted revealed.

“A new order is emerging in the healthcare industry, focused on the patient, in which financial incentives will be linked to the value a product delivers, and not just the product itself,” said Anne O’Riordan, global senior managing director of Accenture Life Sciences.

“New targeted therapeutics, smart diagnostics, advanced informatics, and digital technologies are redefining healthcare and enabling patients to become more proactive in determining their own health outcomes,” added O’Riordan.

“Many factors are catalyzing this change, including the availability of genomic, health, and lifestyle data, and an abundance of technology solutions that can help patients monitor, measure, and adjust their habits to improve their health and treatment outcomes.”

The authors believe that only the most agile and quick-responding healthcare companies and life sciences organizations will survive the changing environment.

“Pharmaceutical companies, medical device organizations, payers, providers, governments, nurses, caregivers, patients, and high-tech companies – some new to the healthcare landscape – are joining forces in innovative ways, offering novel products, such as wearables, and combining them with services to improve health and wellness outcomes,” explained Jeff Elton, managing director, Accenture Life Sciences.

The days of slow and steady evolution in the healthcare and life sciences industry are over said adding that the industry that once measured change in decades is experiencing a disruption that will shift the landscape in just a few years, or even sooner.

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