Intel says effective collaboration leads to higher productivity


Innovative technology solutions yield positive employee feedback and boost IT perception internally, Intel said in its annual performance report.

The enterprise IT major noted that employee collaboration plays a vital role in its ability to innovate and respond to marketplace opportunities.

Wireless and secure collaboration are in high demand, while wired connections and multiple adapters delay information sharing.

To enable an increasingly mobile workforce as well as enhance collaboration and productivity, Intel said, meeting initiation and operation must accommodate an environment that includes always-on information access.

To meet its collaboration needs, Intel said, it equipped its conference rooms with Intel Unite software, which allow participants to easily share content and ideas across multiple devices and platforms.

The company has established more than 500 wireless conference rooms to make meetings effective and easy. Last year, Intel supported 104,820 employees at 153 Intel sites in 72 countries with its 71 IT sites and 6,319 IT employees.

It had spent 2.5 percent of its 2015 revenue on IT, slightly down from 2.6 percent in 2014. Intel increased servers in data centers to 144,040 last year from 84,379 in 2014. The company developed 238 mobile apps compared to 164 created in 2014.

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