IBM to provide Docker Hub Enterprise for businesses

Business IT vendor IBM announced its association with Docker to enable enterprises to build and run next generation applications on the IBM Cloud and on prem via the Docker open platform for distributed applications.

Enterprises can use the combination of IBM and Docker to create and manage portable distributed applications.

IBM will be a provider of Docker’s Docker Hub Enterprise (DHE) product that provides a turnkey solution for distributed applications. With this developers can focus on creating differentiated services behind the firewall and assemble them together with content from the 60,000+ Dockerized services in the Docker Hub hosted repository.

Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, said: “IBM’s commitment to delivering enterprise-grade Docker native solutions will drive dynamic, new business initiatives for enterprises through portable, dynamic Docker-based applications.”

IBM also announced the beta of IBM Containers, a Docker-based container service, that will include open Docker-native features and interfaces. Delivered as part of Bluemix, the IBM Containers service will enable enterprises to launch Docker containers onto the IBM Cloud on bare metal servers from SoftLayer.

IBM will bundle Docker Hub Enterprise with these integrated services as well as sell it as a standalone product offering.

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