Fujitsu launches IP Address Management-as-a-Service solution with BT

Fujitsu has tied up with BT to launch its IP Address Management-as-a-Service solution as a pay-per-use service.

The solution leverages BT Diamond IP and the Fujitsu Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Trusted Public S5 (TPS5) platform to deliver IP address management (IPAM) solution as-a-service.

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Enterprises can manage the growth of IP addresses on a pay-as-you-go basis, supporting low cost of entry and benefitting from reduced operating expense. Fujitsu in a statement did not share specific benefit to enterprises.

Fujitsu utilizes BT’s IPAM product to offer IPAM services, while it also offers the option for a full enterprise DHCP, DNS, IPAM (DDI) solution, providing centralized control of IP address space and supported customer-deployed DNS and DHCP servers.


Enterprise customers will benefit from management and administration capabilities, streamlined workflow, and better accountability and stability. Their inventory of assignable IP addresses will remain current and sufficient, reducing the risk of duplicate addresses, human errors and version control issues.

“With the proliferation of smartphones, mobile devices, and VoIP relying on IP-based networks, Fujitsu recognized the need to control and manage the exponential growth of IP addresses,” said Will Geoghegan, cloud architect, TPS5 Cloud and ISV Partner Solutions, Fujitsu America.

IPAM-as-a-Service enables customers to plan, track and manage the Internet Protocol address space with integrated DDI functions accessed through a uniform graphical user interface. In addition, it helps to improve efficiency, security and reliability of IPAM tasks and reduces the time and costs associated with network management.

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