Dimension Data launches Security Maturity Assessment

Dimension Data has launched a new assessment to help organizations assess the maturity of their security architecture.

The offering will also access the underlying security safeguards that protect their human assets from cyber-attacks and their processes and technologies.

Company officials said traditional approaches to information security are not adequate to protect information from modern threats.

The organizations also have to focus to link their security strategy to the vision of the company and have a robust set of policies around vulnerabilities and threat management.

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The security assessment designed by Dimension Data to be a globally consistent and consulting engagement framework.

The new assessment offered by Dimension Data also offers the ability to determine capability and maturity of key architecture controls around people, processes and technology using industry-standard metrics.

The security can be managed to industry standards such as ISO27000 and a security roadmap is linked to the business objectives of the organisations.

Validation or enhancements of the security strategy and architecture program is also done using the new assessment.

Metrics can be shared with the business to align IT security with the rest of the organisations.

“Organizations must be able to address root cause issues and apply the right resources and controls in the most effective way to protect key assets,” said Matthew Gyde, Dimension Data’s Group Executive – Security.

Few days ago, Dimension Data launched a maturity tool to help organizations assess their capabilities and prioritize initiatives for building next generation data centers.

Last month, Dimension Data announced its five year IT deal with Tour de France to improve the viewing experience of cycling fans.

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