Citizens Bank renews IT deal with Fiserv

Fiserv today said Citizens Bank has renewed its deal for multiple digital payment capabilities, signing a seven-year extension for CheckFree RXP, Popmoney, and TransferNow.

The IT deal enables Citizens Bank to continue offering electronic bill payment, person-to-person payment and account-to-account transfer functionalities to meet its retail and small business customer payments needs.

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CheckFree RXP offers control over the bill payment process, by delivering intuitive electronic billing and payments experience. Customers can receive electronic bills (e-bills) from hundreds of billers.

Popmoney enables users to pay others from an existing bank account using a recipient’s name and email address or mobile phone number, and for small businesses to send invoices, said Fiserv.

TransferNow can be used to transfer funds to or from their own non-Citizens Bank accounts, making overall funds management easier by eliminating extra steps involved in withdrawing and depositing money at different banks.

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