Wipro, Microsoft unveil Wipro AssureHealth to simplify remote fetal monitoring and cardiac care

Infotech Lead India: Global information technology company Wipro Technologies, in partnership with Microsoft, has launched Wipro AssureHealth platform for the healthcare industry.Leveraging Microsoft’s Cloud, Mobility and Analytics, Wipro AssureHealth enables healthcare providers to deliver innovative solutions for Remote Fetal Monitoring and Cardiac Care that will ensure high quality treatment at reduced costs, especially for chronic diseases.

The fetal monitoring service delivers accurate recordings of maternal, fetal heart rate and uterine activity from the expectant mother to the physician over his/her Mobile device thereby enhancing the doctors ability to provide enhanced care to patients. The device is suited for both antenatal care, and during active labor and delivery.

The cardiac solution is based on Assurehealth software platform and delivers continuous wearable, ambulatory, non-obtrusive ECG data. It allows cardiologists to monitor and manage patients with angina, myocardial infarction, post cardiac procedures like stent, pacemaker and bypass as well as cardiac failures, from anywhere, through their smart phone or tablets.

T. K. Padmanabha, chief technology officer, Wipro Infotech, India and Middle East Business of Wipro, said, “Today, medical services are striving towards using resources effectively to deliver patient satisfaction. In view of this, mobility-assisted medical technology will be pivotal in saving time, improving productivity and increasing convenience for physicians and the patients, thus improving patient care while cutting down costs.”

Gabe Rijpma, senior director – Health Care Asia, Microsoft said, “Wipro AssureHealth is a wonderful example of how Microsoft technology platforms like SQL, Windows Server, .NET, integrated with a wide range of devices on Windows 8 are helping solve challenging social problems. The solution will assist healthcare providers in meeting the demands of an evolving healthcare landscape and the joint initiative will further help to accelerate the transformation of healthcare in India and across the world.”

The technology transforms the practice of medicine from provider-centered piecework to patient-centered teamwork.

Healthcare IT spending in India  is expected to increase 7 percent to reach 57 billion rupees against 2012 revenue of 53 billion rupees, according to Gartner.

According to the research firm, rising demand from the growing middle class in India’s large cities is fueling growth in private sector healthcare. Large national and state government programs will spur growth along the primary (and secondary) care sector and public health domain.

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