Visitors will experience Connected City at Mobile World Congress 2013

Infotech Lead @Mobile World Congress 2013: The GSMA will unveil the Connected City at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona.The Connected City boasts a complete urban environment, including a town hall, department store, apartment, electrical store, hotel, cafe and lounge, office, a car showroom and a street. 

The Connected City promises a more connected future powered by mobile, which will improve people’s daily lives across automotive, education, health, homes, retail and more.

Attendees will get to experience firsthand the city of the future, each area of which will be filled with new products and experiences showing how everyone and everything can benefit from intelligent wireless connections.

Opening on 25 February, the Connected City expands on the highly popular Connected House concept of previous years. Launched with AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, KT, Telenor Connexion and Vodafone, the Connected City will give Mobile World Congress attendees a feel of how mobile can transform lifestyles.

Some products that will be demonstrated are the connected bike that monitors performance in relation to its environment, remote health monitoring that can link people to healthcare professionals from their own homes and intelligent logistics services that provide more efficient ways of transporting people and goods. Also on display will be smart technology that makes mobile the ‘brains’ of your home, and in-car services that change the way we process information on the go.

The Connected City will showcase technology provided by companies including Accenture, AirPlug, AQ, CUDO, DASAN Networks, Digi, Enswers, Ericsson, FRTek, GES, Hansol Inticube, IBM, Intel, MODACOM, Qualcomm, Samsung, SAP, Teletron and Volvo.

Connected services on show at the Connected City include the Connected Home which shows how AT&T Digital Life can help people manage their energy consumption and home security.

Also on display will be Connected Port Solutions, a harbour solution that optimises both road and sea traffic control, as well as logistics and terminal operations.

Smarter Cities for the Future will demonstrate how Deutsche Telekom and IBM use mobile technology to optimise public transport, energy, security and water management.

Visitors will be able to see the Aston Martin One-77, a connected road bike with its on-board computer that displays many details like speed, atmospheric pressure.

Mobile technology embedded in the Cooltra Connected Electric Scooter  gives customers real time information about the availability of Cooltra connected scooters in and around Barcelona and other major Spanish cities.

Smart Home & Town will feature technologies like an edutainment robot, automatic content recognition, smart home phone, controlled motorcycle, eco food bin and cloud CCTV.

Smart Apps in Your Hands will present intelligent and unique applications like mobile K-pop music, integrated mobile payment and self-created M-learning.

Seamless All-IP Networks will showcase the advanced All-IP Network through LTE, VoLTE, hotspot roaming and reliable and seamless technologies.

Telenor Connexion will be showcasing its innovative connected services in collaboration with Volvo Cars while Vodafone, in partnership with Accenture, Digi, Intel and SAP, Vodafone M2M will demonstrate some of its key products and solutions for Smart homes, smart City and Smart Mobility.

Michael O’Hara, chief marketing officer, GSMA said: “The Connected City demonstrates how mobile is already enhancing businesses and societies around the world. The progress of connected devices and machine-to-machine communications will be hot topics at Mobile World Congress 2013 and the city will inspire all of us, across many industries, to recognise the potential of pervasive mobile connectivity to impact our lives. The possibilities of a truly connected world are limited only by our imagination.”

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