Riverbed Technology improves diagnostics at Swedish travel booking provider

Riverbed Technology, a provider of application performance infrastructure solutions, has been selected by a Swedish travel booking provider to deliver improved performance monitoring and diagnostics.

Linkon, a supplier of online travel booking solutions, is now using Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse and SteelCentral AppInternals to provide the visibility and tools needed to proactively manage the performance of their online travel reservation system.

The travel service provider makes around 100,000 reservations per day managing all aspects of travel reservation from seat assignment, route selection and timetable through to payment and settlement.

Linkon’s Sales and Distribution system—PETRA– is made of many servers and databases, so troubleshooting of system issues was difficult for them.

With Riverbed Technology, IT staff at Linkon now gets the tools to analyze, diagnose and fix back-end performance issues across an environment involving millions of database lookups on a daily basis, the company said.

Linkon also uses the analytical data generated by SteelCentral to build better relationships with suppliers and reduce the time to roll out new IT projects.

Matthias Wessman, performance tester at Linkon. “With Riverbed SteelCentral, we now have a full overview of how our entire system works. We are able to spot abnormal behavior in advance and work with concrete information. Riverbed helps us detect problems in our production environment we would never have discovered before.”

Since deployment, Linkon has been able to fine-tune its systems which have meant booking response times have fallen from, an already speedy, 21 seconds, to as little as 200 milliseconds, the company added.

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