NCR’s anti-skimming technologies ensure secure ATM transactions

Infotech Lead America: NCR Corporation has introduced an advanced anti-skimming technology – Skimming Protection Solution (SPS). SPS protects ATM users from skimming activity and alerts a financial institution about an attack in real time.

Card skimming represents 80 percent of all attacks against the ATM. It tops the list of ATM crime globally.

The SPS delivers the highest level of ATM security to help financial institutions protect their brands and strengthen consumer loyalty. NCR adapts quickly to new types of attacks that continue to become increasingly sophisticated, to provide solutions that protect consumer’s interests and reduce the costs to financial institutions.

Andy Heyman, senior vice president, NCR Financial Services said that there  were approximately 20,000 skimming incidents in the United States last year.

According to a Mercator report, U.S. card issuers’ total losses from credit- and debit-card fraud was estimatedly $2.4 billion. The figure does not include losses that are borne by merchants.

In typical skimming attacks, criminals attach a device in the entrance to the card reader to captures account information stored on the magnetic strip of the user’s card. A miniature camera is installed on the ATM to capture the user’s PIN. The card data and PIN are then used to steal money out of the user’s checking and savings accounts.

NCR’s SPS software is built to enable its random, multiple-jamming hardware module to block criminal “listening” devices from capturing card data. The new technology prohibits criminals from tampering or removing the original ATM bezel and helps promptly detect fraudulent devices.

SPS constantly reports on the health of the ATM in real-time through specialized software. A recent study reveals that 85 percent of consumers say that the trust factor is the topmost consideration while choosing a bank.

SPS is built in a modular platform to enable financial institutions to quickly adapt their security measures to address new threats without taking the ATM out of service.

SPS will be available for motorized card acceptance in all of NCR’s global markets immediately. It will be available on DIP machines before the end of the first quarter of 2013. The solution is available in all new SelfServ ATM orders, and as a retrofit option for existing SelfServ units.

Recently NCR acquired video banking software provider uGenius Technology to help grow its APTRA Interactive Teller solution business. The APTRA Interactive Teller solution allows users to conduct remote, assisted-teller transactions over an ATM.

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