HP gets $116.5 mn to support California Offender Management System

HP Enterprise Services has been awarded $116.5 million contract from California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to continue managing the state’s Strategic Offender Management System (SOMS).

SOMS is one of the largest electronic corrections systems in the United States, according to HP officials.

Under the five-year contract, HP will continue to provide a full suite of IT services for SOMS, a statewide inmate management system designed to maximize access to offender information to improve day-to-day business processes and increase citizen safety.

HPAdditionally HP will provide CDCR with disaster recovery and backup support of IT-enabled business processes to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

The services will help CDCR coordinate offender information, case management plans, and other inmate data in a single system for the first time and standardize state prison population management practices across California.

The partnership between the two companies started nearly five years ago. Since then the company has seen significant improvement in efficiency, including greater employee access to accurate and complete offender information as well as reductions in operational costs.

During the SOMS implementation, HP streamlined dozens of CDCR databases and record-keeping processes by implementing a new online system for offender management and digitizing over 200 million documents.

SOMS now houses a complete and up-to-date corrections file for CDCR and provides inmate tracking to more effectively manage the prison system.

“Uninterrupted, real time access to offender information is critical for corrections agencies to enable policy outcomes, improve operational effectiveness and create administrative efficiencies,” said Brian Kitzmiller, vice president, State and Local Government, HP Enterprise Services.

“The implementation of SOMS demonstrates that technology can play an important role in the effective and efficient administration of justice while making prisons and jails safer for both corrections officers and inmates,” Kitzmiller added.

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