HealthTap offers free tailor-made answers

Infotech Lead America: HealthTap, a network of online and mobile doctors, will now provide public access to detailed and personalized answers to health queries from the country’s best medical minds.

According to a study by A.T. Kearney, 26 percent of the 65 plus population in the US look for health advice online, (approximately 110 million North Americans).

According to a report published in March by research2guidance, a research and consulting firm, by 2017, the market for mobile health services is estimated to reach $26 billion globally. Currently there are about 97,000 mobile health applications in major app stores.

Users of HealthTap will now be able to get tailor made answers to their health queries by providing relevant personal characteristics alongwith their questions, such as age, gender, prior conditions, or medications they’re taking. Doctors will answer their queries considering these additional attributes. The identity of the users remains protected though they receive answers specifically addressed to them, and other users like them will benefit from the same answers later.

Tailored answers will also be archived into HealthTap’s extensive database of top-quality medical knowledge, which can be accessed for free by millions via mobile devices and web browsers anytime, anywhere. HealthTap has already provided more than a 1/2 billion doctor-answers to people’s health questions via its online and mobile apps.

Harris Cohen, a Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor from Pennsylvania, said: “If someone asks about the possible complications of diabetes, my answer will be different if he is a 79-year-old man managing multiple conditions and medications, versus a 25-year-old pregnant woman with no other conditions. That’s true for many other health issues.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has plans for regulating certain healthcare apps used on smartphones and tablets.

Some of the notable health apps are RunKeeper, Runtastic, Lift, Beeminder, Retrofit, Keas and Gympact.

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