Cisco Unveils Dwara – live remote education platform for rural India

Infotech Lead Asia: Cisco has unveiled Cisco EducationEnabled Development (CEED 2700) solution, a collaborative, cloud-based video interaction solution that delivers education and skills development courses across the country.Codenamed ‘Dwara’ – which means doorway in Sanskrit – the new solution is one of the first in Cisco’s Internet of Everything solutions from India.The solution will enable vast rural populations to access expert teachers and master trainers. Such training is nearly impossible in many areas outside urban centers.

Cisco launched CEED with a vision to transform education for the unprivileged by bringing down the cost of technology in education to about USD 1 per child per month.

The open learning platform designed utilizes Cisco Collaboration suite to deliver cloud-driven live and hosted video and other content. The solution enables remote teaching and helps deliver the same level of expert teaching available in cities.

An expert teacher or master trainer can bring in multiple classes in remote areas and teach them complex concepts as if he or she were right before the classes. The students can also ask real-time questions as if the teacher is in the class before them.



The CEED hardware is ruggedized and designed for use in harsh environments. It is energy efficient, using 40 percent less power and thus proving ideal for rural environments. With a built-in router that also acts as a Wi-Fi access point, a computer, and projection device, this solution allows multiple students using devices like the Akash tablet to share a single Internet connection. It can also facilitate connections to well-known education portals such as the one produced by GoI’s National Information Centre (NIC).

Cisco’s net sales increase by 5% year over year in second quarter of fiscal year 2012

Cisco reported net sales of $12.1 billion in its second quarter results for the period ended January 26, 2013. Net sales for the first six months of fiscal 2013 were $24.0 billion, compared with $22.8 billion for the same period in 2012.

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