Asia tops digital English Language Training products market

Infotech Lead India: Asia has the highest growth rate for digital English Language Training (ELT) products in the world at 21 percent and revenues will reach $1.4 billion by 2016.

In 2011, revenues were concentrated in three countries in Asia. This will change over the forecast period due to the breathtaking growth rates in the other nine countries analyzed in this report, according to Ambient Insight’s report called “The Asia Market for Digital English Language Learning Products and Services: 2011-2016 Forecast and Analysis.”

The biggest catalysts in Asia are the digitization efforts in the school systems, the consumer demand for Mobile Learning products, and the government-mandated English language learning initiatives across the region.

“Governments are now spending a substantial amount of money annually on digital content and custom content services,” said Sam S. Adkins, chief research officer of Ambient Insight.

The telecom operators in Asia are now major distributors of digital ELT products to consumers.

The supply chain can be complex with the telecoms paying third-party commercial suppliers for content and custom content development services.

English language learning apps rank consistently in the top-ten paid Mobile Learning apps in all the countries in Asia. Consumer spending on digital ELT represents significant new revenues for suppliers.

The growth of the use of learning technology to teach English in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand are good examples of emerging markets that became vibrant revenue opportunities for suppliers in just the last two years. Suppliers competing in these countries are experiencing rapid growth.

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