Array Networks’ application delivery controllers power Axis Bank mobile banking

Infotech Lead India: Array’s application delivery controllers now support Axis Bank’s mobile banking application ‘Axis Mobile.’ Leveraging the latest in wire speed encryption technology, APV Series application delivery controllers ensure the availability, security and reliability of Axis bank mobile banking applications, the company said.

‘Axis Mobile’ was launched to cater to the rapidly growing mobile users. Axis Bank currently has more than 200,000 active mobile users within a span of 6 months. Due to this high usage within a short time period, Axis experienced delays in supporting their new mobile banking customers. Delays were caused in part by overloaded and underutilized servers impacting end user experience.

Before extending ‘Axis Mobile’ to a larger client base, the bank wanted to ensure high availability and scalability for the application; as a result, Array’s application delivery controller was shortlisted, evaluated and successfully deployed.

Response-based server load balancing was a big concern and a primary reason why the ‘Axis Mobile’ application responding inconsistently during peak usage. Array Networks implemented high availability cluster units of APV2600 ADCs to solve the balancing issues. Array also implemented SSL offloading with strong cipher controls on the same units to improve server efficiency and give servers more compute power to dedicate to supporting mobile application traffic.

Application delivery controller ROI can be achieved within a year by significantly reducing branch and transaction overhead; currently Array systems execute 10,000 online transitions and over 1,000,000 queries per day

The Array solution is integrated with IMPS (Interbank Mobile Payment Service or IMPS offers an instant, 24X7, interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones) to enable users to perform various other transactions easily

APV2600 application delivery controllers are well known for boosting SSL performance to a far greater degree as compared to similarly configured and comparably priced alternatives. Mid-range APV Series appliances integrate high-end capabilities including SSL acceleration, TCP multiplexing, dynamic caching, selective compression and high-speed HTTP processing to raise the bar for mid-line, enterprise-class application delivery.

Shibu Paul, country sales manager at Array Networks: “We understand the common problems faced by banks, which give us an extra edge in providing them with right solutions that will provide immediate and measurable results. We thank Axis Bank and our application partner for providing great support in implementing the Array ADC solution seamlessly.”

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