Academy of Art University taps Dell for IT advancement

Enterprise IT vendor Dell said the Academy of Art University, an art and design school in the United States, has tapped Dell technology to prepare students for careers.

Dell says students, faculty and administrative staff are using Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell Precision workstations, Dell OptiPlex desktops, and Dell XPS and Dell Latitude laptops to support curriculum across more than 20 academic and professional disciplines.

The Academy of Art University currently uses dozens of Dell PowerEdge R910 and PowerEdge R820 servers to power its on-site and online campuses, and more than 1,200 Dell Precision T7600, T7500 and T3500 tower workstations across the Architecture, Animation, Fashion, Interior Architecture, Industrial Design, Game Design, and Landscape Architecture.

Dell XPS

“It’s been exciting to work with the Academy of Art University, which is at the forefront of technology, for the last 10 years and help implement its cross-Academy technology strategy,” said Andy Rhodes, executive director, Dell Precision Workstations.

They are using workstations in both studio and lab settings as well as to power technologies that directly support 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines and an industrial robot arm. Given the wide range of curriculum supported by the Dell Precision workstations, the range of software used on campus is extensive and the demands for performance are crucial.

The university is currently testing the Dell Precision R7610 rack workstation and hopes to eventually implement the systems as virtualized workstations, enabling students to securely access their files and take advantage of high performance computing and software applications while offsite.

The academy also uses Dell OptiPlex desktop computers, and Dell Latitude and XPS laptops to support administrative staff. In the future, the academy is looking to adopt XPS Ultrabooks and the Dell tablets to enhance mobility for the faculty and students.

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