Top 5 Ethernet switch and router makers Q1 2020: IDC

The Ethernet switch market revenue decreased 8.9 percent to $6.16 billion in the first quarter of 2020, the latest IDC report said.
Top 5 Ethernet switch makers Q1 2020

The enterprise and service provider (SP) router market revenues fell 16.4 percent to $2.99 billion.

Ethernet Switch Market

Middle East and Africa (MEA) region –2.9 percent
Saudi Arabia –12.7 percent
Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region +3.7 percent
Western Europe market –12.9 percent
Germany –10.6 percent
United Kingdom –18.4 percent
Asia Pacific region excluding Japan and China –7 percent
India –11.3 percent
Australia –16.2 percent
China –14.6 percent
Japan +0.1 percent
Latin American –9.7 percent
United States –8.7 percent
Canada –7.2 percent

Cisco’ overall Ethernet switch revenues fell 12 percent and market share reached 51.9 percent.

Huawei’s Ethernet switch revenue declined 14 percent, giving the company a market share of 8.4 percent.

Arista Networks’ Ethernet switch revenues decline 18.7 percent, bringing its share to 6.7 percent of the total market.

HPE’s Ethernet switch revenue increased 6.7 percent, giving the company a market share of 6.2 percent.

Juniper’s Ethernet switch revenue rose 14.1 percent, reflecting 3.3 percent market share.

Router Market

Enterprise and service provider router market decreased 16.4 percent.

Service provider router market, which accounts for 75.1 percent of revenues, decreased 16.8 percent.

Enterprise router market declined 15.3 percent.

Cisco’s combined service provider and enterprise router revenue declined 28.1 percent.

Cisco’s enterprise router revenue decreased 18.7 percent.

Cisco’s SP router revenues fell 33.8 percent.

Cisco’s combined SP and enterprise router market share stands at 36.3 percent.

Huawei’s combined SP and enterprise router revenue declined 2.1 percent, resulting in a market share of 28.8 percent.

Juniper’s combined enterprise and SP router sales declined 16 percent, bringing its market share in the router market to 10.5 percent.

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