The low-code, no-code market revenue to reach $21 bn: IDC

The market revenue for low-code, no-code, and intelligent developer technologies (LCNCIDT) will be growing to $21 billion in 2026 with a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.8 percent from 2021-2026.
Software developers working from homeEnterprises are implementing LCNCIDT technologies to improve developer productivity, either by enabling professional developers to work more quickly by streamlining or eliminating aspects of the development process, or by providing non-technical developers with tools they can use to create or update digital solutions without the help of professional developers.

“The market for LCNCDIT technologies is being driven by the global shortage of full-time developers,” said Michele Rosen, research manager, Low-Code, No-Code, and Intelligent Developer Technologies at IDC.

Growth in LCNCIDT is driven in part by the adoption of cloud-native technologies as organizations pivot toward a digital-first world.

Vendors that provide LCNCIDT developer tools that enable the transition to and management of cloud-native software development, including cloud-native design tools, IDEs, and DevOps tools, have an opportunity to assist organizations with this complex but necessary transition.

The IDC report said many of the capabilities provided by low-code and no-code tools benefit from cloud-based development, and many intelligent developer technologies rely on cloud-based services. The report said 75 percent of the LCNCIDT revenue will be generated from cloud-based deployments by 2026.

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