Tablet shipment: Apple and Samsung drop market share

Worldwide tablet shipment has declined 5.9 percent for the first quarter of 2015 to 47.1 million, said IDC.

Apple was the largest tablet distributor and shipped 12.6 million iPads in the first quarter, while Samsung shipped 9 million units.

According to the data, Apple captured 26.8 percent of the market followed by Samsung with 19.1 percent.

The tablet share of Lenovo was 5.3 percent, Asus 3.8 percent and LG 3.1 percent.

According to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker, Apple faced 22.9 percent decline in shipment as compared to last year Q1 and Samsung faced 16.5 percent dip.

IDC said the poor performance of LG tablets led it to exit the tablet market but the company made a comeback in 2013 and delivered 10 percent growth over the fourth quarter.

Tablet market share in Q1 2015

Apple iPhone and Mac are affecting the growth of iPad.

“Although the tablet market is in decline, 2-in-1’s are certainly a bright spot,” said Jitesh Ubrani, senior research analyst, Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker.

ABI released a report in March 2015 revealing Apple iPad experienced decline in shipment in 2014, while Samsung tablet is growing. Apple’s iPad shipment had declined to 15 percent in 2014, but gained 9 percent market volume on quarterly basis.

IDC, in November 2014, said that the tablet market will face a decline in 2014 with y-o-y growth showing 7.2 percent, down from 52.5 percent in 2013.

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