Server revenue share in Q4 2014: Dell, Cisco gain, HP slips

Gartner said Dell and Cisco gained, while HP fell in server revenue share during Q4 2014.

The server revenue share of Dell increased to 17.3 percent in Q4 2014 from 15.2 percent in Q4 2013.

Cisco grew its server revenue share to 5.5 percent from 4.7 percent.

HP server revenue share fell marginally to 27.9 percent from 28.1 percent.

However, HP, the server market leader in revenue and shipments, ended the year with $3.9 billion in revenue for a share of 27.9 percent worldwide.

IBM share fell 50.6 percent while Lenovo grew 743.4 percent due to the completion of the sale of IBM’s x86 server business to Lenovo in the fourth quarter.

Server revenue share Q4 2014 by Gartner

In server shipments, HP shipments declined 11 percent. HP’s revenue increase compared with its shipment decline suggests a shift to sales of servers with richer configurations and relatively higher average selling prices to continue to support server consolidation through virtualization.

Jeffrey Hewitt, research vice president at Gartner, said: “Hyperscale data center deployments as well as service provider installations drove the x86-based server market upward. Enterprises had less unit growth impact because of the ongoing presence of physical server consolidation through x86-server virtualization. This overall market growth developed despite declines in both mainframe and Unix platforms.”

Server shipment share Q4 2014 by Gartner.PNG

In the fourth quarter of 2014, the regions with the highest growth rates in terms of unit shipments were the Middle East and Africa (10.7 percent), Asia/Pacific (9.1 percent) and North America (7.6 percent).

Server market increased 2.2 percent in shipments and 0.8 percent in revenue in 2014, said Gartner.

The outlook for 2015 suggests that modest growth will continue in the server space on the whole.

In the fourth quarter of 2014, server shipments increased 4.8 percent, while revenue grew 2.2 percent.

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