PC shipments dip 8 percent to 288.7 mn in 2015, Lenovo leads

Worldwide PC Vendor Unit Shipment Estimates for Q4 2015
PC shipments decreased 8 percent to 288.7 million units in 2015. Gartner forecasts that PC shipments in 2016 will decline 1 percent.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, PC shipments fell 8.3 percent to 75.7 million units, said Gartner.

Lenovo is the top PC vendor, ahead of HP, Dell, ASUS, Apple and Acer.

Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner, said: “Holiday sales did not boost the PC shipments, hinting at changes to consumers’ PC purchase behavior. On the business side, Windows 10 generally received positive reviews, but as expected, Windows 10 migration was minor in the fourth quarter as many organizations were just starting their testing period.”

IT market research agency IDC said PC shipments fell 10.6 percent to 71.9 million units in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The PC market faced challenges from longer-PC lifecycles and competition from mobile phones and tablets, despite the slowing growth in those markets. Economic issues like falling commodity prices and weak international currencies, as well as social disruptions in EMEA and Asia/Pacific that disrupted foreign markets were a larger factor for 2015.

Changes in the OS market also had a significant impact with the end of support for Windows XP and promotions of low-cost PCs driving a surge in replacements in 2014 that combined with the launch of Windows 10 and a free upgrade program to delay new system purchases in 2015.

Loren Loverde, vice president, Worldwide PC Tracker, IDC, said: “PC replacements should pick up again in 2016, particularly later in the year. Commercial adoption of Windows 10 is expected to accelerate, and consumer buying should also stabilize by the second half of the year.”

Gartner said Lenovo accounted for 20.3 percent of worldwide PC shipments in the fourth quarter of 2015. Lenovo did particularly well in North America to offset shipment declines in EMEA, Latin America and Japan.

HP PC shipments declined across all regions. The steep decline in the U.S. market was in part because of unusually high shipment volume in the fourth quarter of 2014, led by low-priced Bing notebooks targeting holiday sales.

Dell PC shipments declined across all regions except Japan where the company grew by single digits compared to the fourth quarter of 2014. Although Dell’s shipments declined in EMEA and the U.S., Dell declined less than the regional averages.

IDC said Lenovo maintained its top rank for the quarter and 2015, exceeding 20 percent market share for the year. Shipments reached nearly 15.4 million units in the fourth quarter, mostly due to strong volume in North America.

HP was the number 2 PC vendor, slightly outperforming the market although its volume declined across regions.

Dell remained the number 3 vendor at nearly 10.2 million units — supported by above-market performance in the U.S.

ASUS outperformed the market and moved into the number 4 position with nearly 6 million units and 7.9 percent market share — boosted by strong sales in Asia Pacific.

Apple effectively tied ASUS for the number 4 position in the fourth quarter, but was clearly ahead on an annual basis. Apple outperformed the market, increasing its PC market share to 7.9 percent for Q4 2015 and 7.5 percent for the year.

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