PC shipment to dip 7.3% in 2016, says IDC

PC forecast chart by IDC
PC shipments are forecast to dip 7.3 percent in 2016, according to IDC.

PC vendors such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, among others, will be impacted by the PC forecast shared by IDC. Intel and Microsoft will be negatively impacted.

The financial pressure on consumers across regions, and the availability of alternatives such as delaying a PC replacement by using a free Windows 10 upgrade or relying more on other devices continues to pressure consumer PC shipments.

While a large share of enterprises are evaluating Windows 10, the pace of new PC purchases has not yet stabilized commercial PC shipments.

Combining detachable tablets with PCs, the market is projected to decline by just over 2 percent in 2016 with small positive growth in later years, though still falling well short of peak shipments.

Loren Loverde, vice president, Worldwide Tracker Forecasting and PC research at IDC, said: “We have now had four consecutive quarters of double-digit volume declines. This type of prolonged slump is unprecedented, and lowers the bar for some improvement going forward.”

Consumer segment is projected to see another year of double-digit declines in 2016, and decline throughout the forecast. Commercial shipments are projected to decline just 4.4 percent in 2016 and see slightly positive growth for the next few years.

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