How much Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple spending on lobbying

Consumer Watchdog has shared the spending on lobbying by the US-based technology, telecom and cable companies in 2015.

Internet search giant Google has made an investment of $16 million for federal lobbying in the U.S. last year, the said the report.

US cable company Comcast has spent $15.63 million, according to records filed with the Clerk of the House of Representatives and analyzed by Consumer Watchdog.

US technology cos and spending on lobbying in 2015

Google $16.66 million (-1 percent)
Microsoft $8.49 million (+2 percent)
Facebook $9.85 million (+5.5 percent)
Amazon $9.07 million (+91.4 percent)
Apple $4.48 million (+9 percent)
Cisco $2.69 million (+14.5 percent)
IBM $4.63 million (-6.5 percent)
Intel $4.55 million (+19.7 percent)
Oracle $4.46 million (-23.5 percent)
Yahoo $2.84 million (-3.4 percent)

US telecoms

AT&T $14.86 million (+2.1 percent)
Sprint $2.83 million (-5.4 percent)
T-Mobile $6.14 million (+1.7 percent)
Verizon $11.43 million (+1.9 percent)

US cable companies

Comcast $15.63 million (-7 percent)
Time Warner Cable $6.8 million (-13.2 percent)

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