Indian x86 server market: Dell gains, HP slips

Shipment of HP in the Indian x86 server market decreased 12 percent in Q3 2014 as compared to Q2 2014, said IDC.

On the other hand, Dell shipment of servers rose 17 percent.

In India x86 server market, HP continued to lead in Q3 2014 with 33 percent share in terms of units against Dell’s 29 percent.

But Dell leads the India x86 server market in terms of revenue with a market share of 38 percent against HP’s 31 percent. The growth in Dell market share was largely due to investments by retail vertical, said IDC.

The Indian  x86 server market grew 10 percent in terms of unit shipments in Q3 2014 as compared to Q3 2013. The major contributors to this growth were Professional Services, Communications & Media, Banking and Retail verticals.

HP share decreased to 33.09 percent in Q3 2014 from 35.8 percent in Q3 2013, Dell share increased to 28.82 percent from 14.66 percent, while IBM share dipped to 15.99 percent from 20.81 percent.

Indian server market share

The non x86 server market declined 58 percent in terms of revenue in Q3 2014 against Q3 2013 due to large refreshes in verticals like Banking and telecom being on hold due to various factors. IDC said this market is expected to revive in the coming quarters as these verticals battle the need for more compute due to transitioning needs of their business teams.

Janmaijai Dhyani, server market analyst, IDC, said: “Large deals in Professional Services vertical that were on hold previously due to elections, are opening up now as there is a stable Government at the centre. Investments by Communications & Media vertical in 4G rollouts are also driving the server market in Q3 2014.”

4G rollouts, banking infrastructure up-gradation to support more transactions as e-commerce in India takes over, modernization of some of the government departments, long pending defense projects will drive future projects.

SMB segment is also shaping up well to provide the incremental growth revenue of server market in India, said IDC.

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