India server market share Q2 2017 revealed by IDC

India server market share Q2 2017
Research agency IDC said the overall server market revenue in India increased 60 percent to $304.6 million in Q2 2017 versus $190.4 million in Q2 2016.

The report said the India x86 server market accounted for 91.1 percent of the overall server revenue, driven by spending from captive and outsourced data centers and public cloud service providers.

HPE leads the India x86 server market with 30.8 percent share in Q2 2017, after clocking revenue of $85.5 million with 48.9 percent increase.

Deals in telecommunications and professional services verticals assisted HPE to achieve server share in India.

Dell increased its server market share to 21.4 percent.

Cisco accounted for 8 percent of server market share winning deals across various verticals.

ODM direct continue their accelerated growth, addressing the demand of underserved Indian data center market.

The market posted growth in non-x86 market, after revenue decline for two quarters. IDC said the reciprocation from the non-x86 platform providers towards increasing x86 market, which is gaining traction from end-users for deploying applications and workloads on x86 platforms.

The x86 server market revenue grew 67.6 percent to $277.5 million in Q2 2017 from $165.6 million during Q2 2016.

The major demand of third party datacenters comes from banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector. Apart from these traditional sectors, third party data centers are witnessing demands from Government projects and their digitalization efforts.

Rack and density optimized servers that are preferred for running IT and digital transformation workloads, accounting for 70.1 percent growth.

The non x86 server market revenue grew 9.3 percent to $27.1 million in Q2 2017.

HPE leads the non x86 server market, accounting for 38.9 percent of market share, followed by IBM with its share of 36.7 percent. Banking industry dominates and contributes for 65.1 percent of the non x86 server market revenue, followed by utility, manufacturing, telecommunication and professional services verticals.

“Professional services, telecommunication and manufacturing contributed for more than 75 percent of the overall server shipped during Q2 2017. Digital initiatives, datacenter expansionand ODMs penetration, continue to impact the server market in India,” said Rishu Sharma, associate manager, Enterprise Infrastructure, IDC India.

“Many captive data centers are already planned up for the coming year and we expect to see strong competition between ODMs, supporting the public cloud growth of Indian market,” said Harshal Udatewar, server market analyst at IDC India.

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