India networking market revenue dips 4.2% in Q4: IDC

India’s networking market — Ethernet Switch, Routers and WLAN segments – decreased 4.2 percent in Q4 2020, according to IDC.

Q4 2020 performance

Ethernet Switch Market
India Ethernet switch leaders 2020
Ethernet switch market revenue dropped 11.1 percent to $126.9 million in Q4. Professional services, manufacturing, and banking were some of the key business verticals that maintained their spending. Manufacturing showed strong signs of recovery with investments from multiple sub-segments like automobiles, pharma, hi-tech, etc..

Cisco dominates the Ethernet Switch market with a 51.8 percent share during Q4 2020, followed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and Huawei.

Router Market
India router leaders 2020
India Router market revenue dropped 1 percent to $75 million. Telecom service providers, professional services and banking were the key business verticals during Q4 2020. Investment from government remained slow during Q4 2020. Business for routers is expected to recover to with telecom vendors investing for 5G rollouts in India.

Cisco leads the router market with 55.1 percent market share in Q4 2020 followed by Nokia and Juniper.

WLAN Market
India WLAN leaders 2020
India WLAN market increased 8.8 percent to $61.7 million majorly contributed by consumer gateway routers.

While enterprise class WLAN took a significant decline of 26.3 percent, the consumer gateway router demand picked rapidly by 57.8 percent to support the growing demand of employees and students working out of their homes.

Enterprise class WLAN remains to be most affected segment since the COVID-19 driven lockdown owing to the drop in campus investments. The WLAN market is opening with multiple enterprises looking out to adopt cloud-driven WLAN that will enable management efficiency.

Manufacturing and professional services are the top verticals contributing to the enterprise WLAN business with investments coming from automobiles, and pharmaceutical enterprises. Business from other key verticals like government and education remained slow.

TP-Link was the WLAN market leader with a market share of 33.2 percent in Q4 2020, followed by D-Link due to the increase in demand for consumer gateway routers. Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise were the key vendors driving the market for enterprise class WLAN during Q4 2020.

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