IDC reveals enterprise storage market share for Q1 2016

Enterprise storage market share in Q1 2016
IT market research agency IDC has revealed the share of HPE, EMC, Dell and NetApp in the global enterprise storage market for Q1 2016.

HPE’s share in the global enterprise storage market increased to 17.3 percent in Q1 2016 from 14.5 percent in Q1 2015.

The share of EMC fell to 16.4 percent from 17.3 percent.

Dell’s share in enterprise storage market fell marginally to 10.3 percent from 10.2 percent. NetApp’s share in the worlds enterprise storage market dropped to 7.9 percent from 8.7 percent. Hitachi increased storage market share to 6.3 percent from 5.9 percent.

External Enterprise Storage Systems Results

External Enterprise Storage Market in Q1 2016
EMC is the market leader in the external enterprise storage market with 24.9 percent share (27.2 percent). The share of NetApp has also fell to 11.9 percent from 13.6 percent. HPE increased its share to 9.9 percent from 9.1 percent in the external enterprise storage market in Q1 2016. Hitachi observed gains to 9.2 percent from 9 percent, said IDC on Friday.

The enterprise storage systems factory revenue declined 7.0 percent to $8.2 billion during the first quarter of 2016.

Capacity shipments fell 4 percent to 27.8 exabytes during the quarter. Revenue of original design manufacturers (ODMs) that sell directly to hyperscale datacenters  dipped 39.9 percent to $681 million.

Sales of server-based storage rose 2 percent to $2.1 billion in revenue. External storage systems revenue fell 3.7 percent to $5.4 billion.

Liz Conner, research manager, Storage Systems at IDC, said: “Spending on server-based storage was up, spending on traditional external arrays continues to decline, while the nature of hyperscale business leads it to fluctuate heavily with that market segment seeing a heavy decline.”

The total All Flash Array (AFA) market increased 87.4 percent to $794.8 million revenue during the quarter. The Hybrid Flash Array (HFA) segment had $2.2 billion in revenue and 26.5 percent market share.