Healthcare organizations to increase their IT spend: IDC

More than 45 percent of the healthcare organizations in the Asia Pacific are planning to increase their IT spend, IDC report said.
IOT in healthcareHealthcare providers’ IT spending is set to increase in 2021, particularly on technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). The IDC did not reveal the specific increase in the IT spending by healthcare companies.

Indian healthcare organizations have survived the impact of Covid-19 epidemic, proving their resiliency through technological adoptions.

In the first instance, efforts were focused to establish accessibility of care. As a result, telemedicine became the front-runner in establishing remote doctor-patient connect. Moving forward, the Indian healthcare sector will have to leverage the digital acceleration created by the pandemic-related constraints toward remote monitoring and enhanced access to care.

IDC’s 2020 COVID-19 Impact Survey (Wave 15) showed that 70 percent of Asia/Pacific healthcare organizations are either returning to growth or on their way to the next normal as proof of survival and resiliency.

About 46 percent of healthcare organizations in the region believed that resiliency is tightly linked with introducing new business model innovation.