Global mega data center market forecast unveiled

Facebook Prineville data center

The global mega data center market is expected to exceed  $14 billion by 2019, latest Technavio report showed. The CAGR for the forecast period is over 7 percent.

The growing number of Internet users is one of the major reasons for the increased adoption of data centers, Technavio said.

“It is expected that 60 percent of the planet will be connected to the Internet by 2020, with a cumulative generation of 40 ZB or more of data, which will be stored and managed through data centers,” said Technavio analyst Rakesh Panda.

Regionally, the Americas are the prime region for vendors with regard to the establishment of mega data centers.

There are also plans to establish more mega data centers and to power them through renewable energy sources such as solar panels. For example, Apple is investing $2 billion to build a data center in Arizona.

“Many data center operators are expected to consolidate their existing facilities across the US, by building one mega data center. Construction of data centers in Latin America and Canada is also expected to involve mega data center projects during the forecast period,” says Rakesh.

At the same time, the report found that Europe is the most suitable location for the construction of green data centers because of the establishment of mega data center facilities by Microsoft, Facebook, and colocation and telecommunication vendors.

In APAC also, there are mega data centers being operated in China by China Telecom, China Mobile, and Range International Information Hub. Tulip Telecom in Bangalore, is the mega data center for India.

Further, the report identified Apple, Facebook, Global Switch, Google, Microsoft and Switch as key data center service providers.  Some of the other prominent vendors listed in the report are: Amazon Web Service, Digital Realty, DuPont Fabros Technology, Equinix, IBM, QTS, and Verizon Communications.

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