Fortinet takes 3rd position behind Cisco and Check Point in network security appliance market

Fortinet has taken third position behind Cisco Systems and Check Point Software Technologies in the network security appliance market that grows 4 percent in the second quarter 2014.

Dell’Oro Group in its latest research report said gains were recorded in both Physical and Virtual Appliances as new threats, the necessity of protecting network assets, and the priority of mitigating the risks associated with attacks continued to drive demand.

The market saw a change in vendor rankings in the second quarter 2014 as Fortinet’s sales into large enterprise customers in the Unites States pushed the company’s security revenues up eight percent.

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The transition to new products platforms caused some softness for vendors such as Juniper as they migrate customers to higher end SRX platforms.

The previous generation of perimeter-deployed firewalls was not equipped to address new network complexities.

“Application-aware new security platforms — such as those offered by Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Check Point, Dell (SonicWALL), Juniper, and Cisco (Sourcefire)– use deep-packet inspection to create and enforce user- or application layer policies,” said Casey Quillin, director of Data Center Appliance research at Dell’Oro Group.

Such enterprise firewall products will continue to grow in utility and increasingly contribute to NSA growth.

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