Enterprise client device: Dell gains, HP and NComputing dip

IDC’s enterprise client device market report for Q3 2014 indicates that Dell has gained share, while HP and NComputing declined.

Thin and terminal client shipments dipped 1.8 percent to 1.35 million units in the third quarter of 2014.

Share of HP in enterprise client device market decreased to 27.3 percent in Q3 2014 from 28 percent in Q3 2013, NComputing faced a major dip to 9 percent from 15.9 percent.

The winner was Dell which improved share to 27 percent in Q3 2014 from 22.7 percent in the year-on quarter in the enterprise client device market.

The slowdown in line with the winding down of Windows XP migration projects was a contributing factor as some users switched from PCs into thin client-based computing. Delay of certain public projects, particularly in the education sector of emerging markets contributed to the dip in Q3 2014. But public projects in education segment will positively affect next year, said IDC.

IDC chart for client device market

In 2014, the growth will be 1.2 percent over 2013.

Several factors, including penetration into key industry verticals such as education and financial services and the end of support for Windows Server 2003, should help the market grow steadily to reach shipments of just over 7.2 million units by 2018.

Thin Clients made up 97 percent of enterprise client devices, growing at 3.6 percent year over year in Q3. Terminal clients fared much more poorly, in part due to the project delays in education sector.

Thin Clients without Operating Systems (zero clients) saw its first year-over-year decline since the second quarter of 2009, but still held 24.6 percent share among the thin client segment. Zero clients are expected to resume volume growth in 2015, said IDC.

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