Digital Transformation (DX) spending to reach $543 bn in Asia Pacific: IDC

The Digital Transformation (DX) spending in Asia Pacific is forecast to grow 18 percent to $543 billion in 2022, according to IDC.
IDC report on digital transformation spending in Asia Pacific
The Asia Pacific region accounts for almost 30 percent of total DX Spending worldwide followed by United States.
IDC on how industries are spending on digital transformation in Asia Pacific
“In the new digital business era, we expect digital technologies to represent a growing percentage of organizations’ IT budget,” said Sandra Ng, Group Vice President and General Manager for IDC Asia Pacific including Japan (APJ) Research. “Even with the looming recession and other potential storms of disruption, the focus on digital will only drive organizations to modify business and operating approaches, leveraging technologies and consumption models to drive new competitive advantage.”

“Amidst strong backlash from global supply chain constraints, increasing impact from inflation and political uncertainty, investments in digital transformation are expected to remain stable,” said Mario Allen Clement, Associate Research Manager, IT Spending Guides, IDC Asia Pacific. “Automation, intelligence, operational transparency, and customer experience hold key for investments to grow in the Digital Transformation across the region.”